Bates, G. L.: Sierra Leone <Feb. 1932. Koinadugu & Kono Districts.

Location Date Species Coordinates Sources
Sandaru (Kono d. (Kailahun d.)) <Feb. 1932  Archia. guineense, Epiplatys f. josinae ? 8°24' N; 10°43' W 1,2,3 
Meli River (Kono d.) <Feb. 1932  Archia. guineense, Poropanchax normani ?   1,2 
Bagbwe River (Bagbe R. ?) (Koin. d.) <Feb. 1932  Archia. guineense   1,2,3 
Headwaters of Bagbwe River (Koin.d.)2 <Feb. 1932  no Killies  9°13' N; 10°41' W 
Kankordu (Kainkordu ?) (Kono d.)2 <Feb. 1932   no Killies  8°37' N; 10°44' W 

Remarks : -"The fishes of this collection were caught for me by natives, mostly by the women with their nets, in the small streams of the high interior or north-eastern part of Sierra Leone. They were doubtless generally not even from the rivers themselves whose names I put on the labels and Mr. Norman has put in the list, but from smaller streams tributary to them. ...The species of Haplochilus are still smaller fish, seldom over two inches long, and very abundant in small streams. They have heads flattend vertically, or depressed, in the contrary way to their compressed bodies, and are gaily ornamented with coloured bars, and coloured fins. ..."1

Haplochilus fasciolatus 4 specimens
Haplochilus cameronensis 35 specimens
Haplochilus hutereaui 1 specimen1

Notes !: In the original lists Epiplatys f. josinae ? was listed as Haplochilus fasciolatus, Archia. guineense as Haplochilus cameronensis (Scheel det.)3, and Poropanchax normani ? as Haplochilus hutereaui
The two river locations (Bagbwe R. and Meli R.) wasn't located precisely (the collection possibly came from a lot of different localities along these rivers), but the asumed localities would be close to the Guinean border, based on the location of the other collection sites. The Bagbe River (Bagbwe) headwater is at approx. 9°13' N; 10°41' W and from here the river flows straight west to approx. 9°15' N; 11°19' W where it runs straight south out of the Koinadougu district, Scheel gives a latitude and longitude to 8-9° N; 12° W ?3. The Meli River which makes the border to Guinea, runs south from approx. 9°0' N; 10°3' W to approx 8°15' N; 11°4' W


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