Schiøtz, Arne: Ghana 1961.

Ghana was visited from 15.5.1961 to 18.9.1961.2

Location Clock Date Species  Coordinates Source
Kakum Forest Reserve, near Mansu. Dense high forest with recent fellings, ...1,2,3   19611 PET 1,3 5°37' N ; 1°22' W2  

Remarks:-"...five specimens of PET caught by Schiötz in 1961 at the Kakum Forest Reserve near Mansu, Ghana... ."1


Schiøtz, Arne: Sierra Leone 1963.

Sierra Leone was visited from 28.5.1963 to 23.7.1963.2

Location Clock Date Species  Coordinates Source
Kamakwie (=Makvie). Rather dense savanna woodland. Collecting was carried out on flooded fields west of the town towards River Kaba.2Kamakwie 6   07 07 636 FAS6 9°30' N ; 12°14' W2  2,6
Kassewe Forest Reserve. The visited part of the forest reserve consists of rather low secondary forest with large clearings with rice. Outside the forest reserve the vegetation is mainly derived savanna (fig. 222). The main collecting locality was a large savanna-like clearing with rice. Its appearance in the rainy season is seen in figs. 221 A-D. Additional collections were made on forest localities in the reserve and just south of it, and on the derived savanna outside it. ...Fig. 221.Kassewe Forest Reserve, Sierra Leone. This large,savanna-like clearing was a main collecting locality for the author in 1963 and harbours a mixed fauna. A. Conditions on June 1st. The rain has started and herbs are green, but there is no water in the stream-bed. ...B. Conditions on June 22nd. There is water in the stream and in small puddles. ...C. Conditions on July 11th. Most of the clearing is covered with water in which rice is grown....2 Kasewa6   19631
22 06 636
8°21' N ; 12°12' W2   1,2,6
Keimadugu...2       #°' N ; °' W   
Loma Mountains. The forest-clad mountains rise up to 6200 ft. a.s.l. (Bintumane) from the surrounding, rather flat savanna-woodland. On the slopes the forests are very dense and high, ...2   19631 GUI1 9°15' N ; 11°05' W2   
Makeni. Savanna woodland. Collecting was carried out on several occasions in a large swamp near the town.2   19631 OCC1  8°52' N ; 12°02' W2   
South Kambui Forest Reserve. (w. of Kenema). W. Hills covered by high forest. Fast-flowing watercourses and small pools with stagnant water.2...South Kamlui...3,6   19632
27 06 636
CHY or ROL ?3
7°50' N ; 11°15' W2   2,3,6

Remarks:...In 1963 Schiötz caught many GUI individuals in the Loma Mountains of northern Sierra Leone and sent a lot of live individuals to me. Unfortunately, they died before they reached Copenhagen. All six corresponded well to GUI, and these and many previously preserved specimens showed the E-frontal scalation pattern....1

...In 1963 Schiötz collected additional material at Kasewe and Makeni of central Sierra Leone. ...1

...3 specimens from South Kamlui, Sierra Leone with D. 13-14, A. 16-17, sq. 30-31 which are not GER and which may be CHY tentatively are referred to ROL. ...3

P 353952 * 3 Cyprinodontidae/Rivulinae Epiplatys fasciolatus (Günther, 1866) 07 07 1963 * * * Kamakwie, Sierra Leone
P 353949 * 4 Cyprinodontidae/Rivulinae Epiplatys fasciolatus (Günther, 1866) 22 06 1963 * * * Kasewa, Sierra Leone
P 353950 * 21 Cyprinodontidae/Rivulinae Epiplatys fasciolatus (Günther, 1866) 27 06 1963 * * * South Kamlui
P 354076 * 3 Cyprinodontidae/Rivulinae Aphyosemion roloffi Roloff, 1936 27 06 1963 * * * South Kamlui6


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