Cadenat, M. J.: Sierra Leone 1948.

(M.J. Cadenat, Dr. H. Brown, Dr. Rouch & M. Griffin) (Note! Only the Freshwater fishes.)

Location Clock Date Species Source
Bonthe (Ile Sherbro)   II.48  E. fasciolatus, E. spilauchen, E. bifasciatus 1
Riv. entre Adonkia et Lakka (Freetown)   II.48 E. fasciolatus, Aphy. liberiense
Newton (Freetown)    II.48  E. fasciolatus, E. bifasciatus, Aphy. liberiense 
Charlotte Falls (Freetown)    II.48  E. fasciolatus 
Riv. de Matrou    II.48  E. fasciolatus, E. spilauchen 1
Riv. entre Sussex et York (Freetown)   II.48  E. fasciolatus, Aphy. liberiense 
Regent river (28°c) (Freetown)   II.48  E. fasciolatus  
Regent village (29°c) (Freetown)    II.48  E. fasciolatus  
Bindi lake    II.48  E. fasciolatus, E. bifasciatus, Micropanchax macrurus manni
Kwako lake    II.48   E. bifasciatus, Micropanchax macrurus manni
Baima lake    II.48  E. bifasciatus 
Momaia (Shenge road)    II.48  E. annulatus

Notes Daget: E. bifasciatus: In most of the individuals the number of dorsal finnrays are 8, thus a little higher than in the types of this species. (Note! Possibly E. barmoiensis).

E. annulatus: The dark bars are a little more wide in relation to the lighter areas than at the figure of Boulenger. At certain individuals the last dark bar continue to the posterior extreme of the Anal.

Micropanchax macrurus manni: The live individuals are remarkable by thier blue eyes. (Note! These individuals should possibly be referred to Poropanchax normani)

(Note!): The Scriptaph. species referred to Aphy. liberiense can without much doubt be referred to Scriptaph. roloffi, this is the only Scriptaph. species known from the Freetown peninsula, the individuals from Newton, might either be Scriptaph. roloffi, Scriptaph. chaytori or (Scriptaph. bertholdi ?).  


*1. Daget, M. J.:  -"Poissons d'eau douce du Sierra Leone." 
  Notes Africaines, 46, p.55-57, Dakar 1950. 

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