Clausen, Herluf Stenholt: Liberia 1965.

Updated 28.06.2011

(The species in Bold was imported alive.)

Location Clock Date Species Geo. coordinates (DMS) Source
Monrovia, coastal savanna. Small river about 13 miles from Monrovia, in direction Totota1,5,6,9,10   29.4.19657 S. liberiense 1 male & 3 females, Pseud. annulatus 8 indv.,
E. barmoiensis,
E. dageti monroviae 12 indv.,
E. fasciolatus tototaensis 2 males, 6 indv. total.
~6° 22'N; 10° 38'W 99 m



Biotop: .... He caught five this locality, E. annulatus was found resting at the water surface. There were only few of them, compared with the number of individuals of E. dageti. The water was very soft and very acid. ...5

...In 1965 Clausen sent me individuals from a population of FAS, which he found about 20 miles north of Monrovia. The individuals unfortunately died just before they reached Copenhagen. In the two adult males of this lot, the anal fin and the lower part of the caudal fin have a broad almost black marginal band, with no indications of two red lines. The upper part of the side ##...1 p.295


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