Thomas, N. W: Sierra Leone 1913-15.

Location Date Species Coordinates  Source
Matca (Maka5&6) 19131, p.19 & 2, p.84 Pseud. annulatus 2 specimens 16 mm TL No.1-2, Types5, C. occidentalis No.14-17 Adult5, Poropanchax normani ? No.14 Adult, E. fasciolatus No.17-18, Adult & halfgrown5.  07°08' N ; 11°33' W6 1,2,3,5,6
Bo  1913-16  Pseud. annulatus No.3, Adult5 07°59' N; 11°44' W 
Victoria  19151, p.19  E. fasciolatus No.21-22, Adult5, Pseud. annulatus No.6-12, Adult & halfgrown5,5 specimens.1 07°40' N; 12°21' W   1,5 
N. Sherbo district 1913-16 E. fasciolatus No.19, Adult5, Aplocheilichtys spilauchen No. 39-42, Adult & halfgrown5, Poropanchax normani ? No.15 halfgrown, Pseud. annulatus No.4-5, Halfgrown5 Approx. Bonthe + Pujehun districts. (-Sherbro I.)7
Kenema  1913-16   E. fasciolatus No.20, Adult5  07°52' N; 11°11' W  
Pujehun  1913-16    E. bifasciatus (E. barmoiensis ?) No.5, Adult5  07°23' N; 11°41' W
(08°27' N; 11°38' W)  

According to R. H. Wildekamp, p. 22&24, 1996):-"...According to Boulenger (1916) the type locality is Maka. Matca could not be found in the Gazetteer of Geographical Names of Sierra Leone. Of 11 localities named Maka found in the Gazetteer, the most probable is Maka at the mouth of the Moa River (approximately 11°33' W; 07° 08' N). ...On the basis of information about other localities where N. W. Thomas (the collector of the type specimens) made other collections, and the accessibility of that part of Africa at that time, the most likely site for the type locality of E. annulatus is Maka near the mouth of the Moa River in southeastern Sierra Leone. ..."6
Notes! In the original papers by Boulenger, Pseud. annulatus was listed as Haplochilus annulatus, C. occidentalis was listed as Fundulus sjoestedti and Poropanchax normani ? was listed as Haplochilus macrurus.
C. occidentalis and Pseud. annulatus are both restricted to lowland habitats, the other locations were N. W. Thomas collected are all in the SW Province of Sierra Leone (except for Kenema which is from the SE Province), so Wildekamp may be right when he concludes that Maka (Matca) lies at the mouth of the Moa River.

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