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African Annual Fish Ok 09-2004

Language: . Notho-page, great photos.

Giuseppe Amato(New Link)Ok 01-2007

Language: . Notho-page.

Marc Bellemans Ok 09-2004

Language: . The Notho-page.

Stephen Boulet Ok 09-2004


Francisco Casado (Ok ??.) Ok 09-2004

Language: . Notho-page.

Jeronimo Chiecchio Ok 09-2004

Language: . South American annual page.

Henrik Clausen (Dead Link)

Language: . Some fine photos of killifish, pages about
C. fulminantis & A. gardneri gardneri "Nsukka".

Anthony Conrad Ok 09-2004

Language: . Simpsonichthys & elegans-group.

AquaNet Homepage of Dr. Joachim Das.Ok 10.2002


Dale Deck (Dead Link)


Killi Data 2000

Language:## . The Killi Fish Bible, no photos, but any information about all species described before 1996 available. Information in form of tabels and lists.

The Killi domeOk 10.2002


Killisidan by Kjell NilssonOk 10.2002


Konstantine L. KiselevOk 10.2002

Language: .

Henrik KorzenOk 10.2002

Language: . list of current valid species. Always up to date with the newest species and changes in taxonomy.

Alf and Anita Perssons002

Language: . Nice gallery.

Finn Larsen, Killies.

Language: . Notho-page, articles about colleting, care and breeding of Nothos. Articles about Valencia etc.

KillieNutz (Dead Link)

Language: .

The Rivulus marmoratus PageOk 10.2002

Language: .

Winfried Stenglein (Closed) (Dead Link)


Language: . Many fantastic photos of killifish.

Michael Snebang's HomepageOk 10.2002

Language: .

Killifish online UKOk 10.2002

Language: .

 Thorups opdrætsside Ok 09-2004 Language: .